A good luxury real estate agency is a different business from others due to a particular and recognized architecture (modernist properties, for example),/or a location in an exceptional site, and a fascinating historical past, or for other reasons, always with an added plus.

Services of a real estate agency

A luxury real estate agency specializes in this type of property, and its agents know what is valuable and what is not to be able to advise and guide the client toward the excellent deals that the market offers.

When the objective is to sell a property, you want to obtain the most significant profit in the shortest possible time. To do this, you need to know the real estate market based on the strategy of learning how to sell your property as the best offer to potential clients. For this reason, selling your property with a real estate agency is the best option you can find.

There are many advantages of selling with a real estate agency. But remember that not all agencies or agents are the same, nor do they dedicate the same time to each property. It is advisable to investigate and learn about their history in this sector and read the comments of their clients’ experiences to make a wise choice.

If you continue reading this post, you are probably already looking for an agency that gives you confidence in your choice. 

They provide the best services.
Robert Smith
The property agent was beneficial and knowledgeable.
Frank Bee
Excellent services. Thank you
Albert Hansen
Very professional real estate company. I am grateful to work with the company.
Quincy Davis
I loved their services. Very professional and experienced property agent
Darwin Newton

We Provide Excellent Services

It is backed by more than 30 years of dedication in the real estate sector.

There is no better way to ensure success in the process of selling your property than to have an experienced team of professionals with a track record of more than 3 decades at the forefront of the real estate sector.

Our Team of professionals is highly qualified and bilingual (Spanish, English, French, Russian, and Catalan). Real estate agents become an intermediary for both clients who want to sell and those who want to buy, ensuring that both parties achieve the best agreement and satisfaction.

The sale price of a property determines the success or failure of the operation. Our commercial Team is made up of experts in market advice, and they know the formula so that the property is sold at the best price.

Ordering the sale to a real estate agency minimizes the time in negotiations that are not going to happen and encourages offering the product to people who want to buy it. This complex process makes it easier for the owner to have fewer worries in his head and correct decision-making at the time of negotiation.

Managing a sale requires specific legal and tax knowledge. The progress of a real estate sale operation involves numerous procedures, both with the bank and with public institutions (Registries, Notaries, City Council, Cadastre) or companies that provide private services, such as water, electricity, and gas. Knowing what needs to be done and in what order is something that only a real estate agent and a professional real estate property advisor will do safely and effectively.

Customer Adaption

A luxury real estate agency and those of a general nature, in addition to the difference in the properties they manage and propose in their portfolio, is the adaptation to the client. 

In fact, like any specialized agency, when someone asks for a luxury establishment, advisors can guide this person to the class of real estate that best suits them, and that best suits their needs and demands.

On the contrary, if an agent from a general real estate agency is asked to show an exclusive property in his portfolio.

On the other hand, the trust between the client and the agent is more vital than in a classic real estate agency.

Real estate management

Real estate management is a vitally important resource for buyers and sellers, as well as for investors interested in real estate.

Knowledge of the real estate market

When making real estate investments, having experts ensures a complete analysis of the market in which you are going to buy, sell, or rent.
They will help you resolve any questions you may have about property management and will offer you reasoned arguments about which projects to undertake and which to discard or which characteristics are more or less attractive to the market at any given time.

Detection of investment opportunities

A real estate agency can find the best investment opportunities both in housing and in other types of properties (commercial premises, offices, parking spaces, etc.). Their knowledge of the city or province in which you want to invest will help you make decisions based on realistic data.

Promotion and marketing

If you want to sell or rent, promoting your properties and all the marketing tasks that come with it is a job that requires many hours. A real estate agency is an expert in what commercial strategy should be applied to each project, and they have the knowledge and resources you need to carry out marketing both online and offline.

Please join us

We are accurate and provide the Best services.

As a new investor in the Bajafresh real estate market, I am grateful to have met his Team. There was a comfort zone in his personality and how he presented himself professionally.
Richard Barker
This company was willing to spend time helping and did everything it could, even though mine was not a luxury house property agent. It is straightforward to communicate with and can answer any questions you may have.
Mercedes Reed
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