Trends in real estate marketing

Real estate inbound marketing is beneficial for agencies when creating better sales strategies and techniques.

knowledge Of Real Estate Marketing

In addition to showing a good predisposition to deal with people, there is a series of more specific knowledge that every real estate agent should know. 

Currently, the offering in the training market is extensive, and there are courses of various types and prices.

 In any case, it is recommended to know about marketing and, specifically, the real estate sector.

The real estate agent courses include everything from the most basic knowledge of this profession to the most detailed elements for the correct functioning of the business and for it to be carried out successfully.

If you have worked as a salesperson before or in another sector, you will have seen that proactivity is one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself. 

Being a real estate agent means managing several tasks simultaneously: setting visits, making calls, attracting new properties and clients, etc. 

Real Estate Marketing Trends 2023

All these strategies and techniques used in real estate marketing are based on a prior analysis of upcoming condo launch 2024. This ensures that each action can be adjusted to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Promotional videos

If the pandemic has shown anything, it is that we love watching videos. Video as a digital marketing strategy is an easy way to connect emotionally with your potential customers. Videos are the favorite format when consuming content.

Videos of the homes

As we told you, the video is rocking it, and we can’t think of a better way to show the potential of that home that needs to be sold than by integrating it into yourmarketing strategy. The use of hyper-realistic renderings combined with authentic images will give buyers a much clearer idea of the space and the possibilities it offers.

3D Renderings

Do you know 3D renders? We explain what they are and how to apply them to your real estate marketing to increase business income. Renders are three-dimensional designs to show the properties of your properties without having to show actual photos or make in-person visits.

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As you can see, our 3D renders of homes and other projects are very realistic.
Jason Olivier

Virtual reality

In another article, we told you about all the benefits of including virtual visits to the repertoire of services of all types of companies and sectors. In addition to being a beneficial service for customers, it is a great marketing strategy.

Social networks are the starting point for many digital marketing strategies, and with real estate marketing, it is going to be the same.

Online presence has become an almost mandatory factor for many sectors in recent years, which indicates that in the future, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist.


Advertisements on digital platforms

We can give to advertising on social networks and digital platforms to attract property owners who want to sell or rent.

Make real estate email marketing.

Everything is valid when it comes to real estate email marketing. The important thing is to use this tool within the framework of a strategy with clear objectives and always prioritize the contribution of value through content. That alone will help you stay in users’ inboxes and avoid the spam box.

WhatsApp real estate marketing.

This is a direct contact channel with your audience, meaning it allows you to answer their queries, send them relevant content and information, and also bring them your service proposal.

Real estate video marketing

Thanks to this strategy, you will be able to generate greater online visibility, increase traffic to your website, and build customer loyalty. You have to keep in mind that making a video of this type and having it really resonate with the user is a challenging task.

A complete list of strategies to implement real estate marketing in your business. There are no excuses! It's time to get your company off the ground with Cliengo tools that will allow you to have better performance.
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Some Question Here

Properties have a real estate appraisal value that depends on the type of property, area in which it is located, characteristics, etc. To sell our property, we must know what the actual sales market valuation is, information that the real estate agent can inform us of. This should tell you if the value achieved for your property is higher than that of another similar one in the same area or with the same characteristics.

For correct processing, you must provide a copy of the deeds and the owner’s ID (if it is not yourself), the last IB receipt, and other expenses such as water and gas. In addition, it is also essential to provide, days before the sale, a certificate of being aware of all community payments and the Energy Efficiency Certificate.

Generally, if we want to sell our house, we will be forced to pay the fees of the professional who makes the sale possible. Throughout the process of the real estate transaction, we must be informed of the cost of said Service. Typically, fees are between 3 and 5% of the final sales price.

The information and advice regarding the property you want is free of charge. Still, the management of financing, notarial procedures, contracts, and closings of operations have a payment of previously established professional fees. However, you have the guarantee of not spending a peso as long as you do not have the property to your liking.

The average time to sell a house is usually approximately 10 months, but it depends on many factors, especially supply-demand and location. Selling a unique and highly sought-after apartment at a reasonable price on the seafront will be different from selling a retired country house that needs renovations.

Statistically, a buyer will make 12 home visits before making a decision. Therefore, to decide on our home, we must take care of all the factors: from the first impression when visiting the house, the ease of obtaining information about it, having set an appropriate price, and the flexibility of the seller to listen to offers and negotiate. , etc.

When formalizing the purchase and sale contract, the seller must provide a copy of the deeds and the owner’s ID, the last IBI receipt, and other expenses such as water and gas. It is also essential to provide a certificate of being aware of all community payments and an Energy Efficiency Certificate.

To sell the house and also obtain a better price, it must be presented as orderly and clean as possible since an excellent first impression is essentialThere are better ways to start selling than having a dirty, messy house. Any damage that the home may have must be repaired, such as plumbing problems, paint, humidity, electrical wiring, or broken furniture.

In some situations, it may be counterproductive for the seller to be present during a potential buyer’s visit since these potential clients may feel uncomfortable and not dare to ask some questions in the presence of the owner.

During this visit, we should talk as little as possible without trying to sell the house at all costs since the buyer may be distrustful. In this sense, real estate agents know better than anyone how to handle home visits.

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I suggest Baja Fresh for all of your Singapore real estate requirements. Property agents have received extensive professional training in everything from market information to presentation, photography, videography, and property staging, excellent teamwork skills, and exposure.
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