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Longitude Bajafresh offers intermediation services for the purchase, sale, lease, renovations, appraisals and maintenance of real estate. Create spaces contemplating their use according to the needs of the clients. Thus offering owners, investors and allies peace of mind and profitability, working with reliable and trained personnel through management aimed at exceeding expectations of care and service.

Position ourselves in the real estate market as a pioneering company in quality, personalized service and with a strengthened structure for periodic monitoring of properties. With technological tools that allow management, information administration and communication with clients effectively, continuously improving all processes and maintaining strategic alliances with different existing sectors in the market.

Behaviour that strengthens integrity, transparency, responsibility, and compliance with duty in all areas of the company’s activities, which generates trust and consolidates our reputation in search of happiness and a good life.

Ease of adapting to circumstances and the ability to establish links that allow development in the continuous improvement of people and the organization.

Concept that indicates the existence of a sense of continuous improvement in the human condition of the individual and the organization for the sustainability of ties and businesses.

Ability to evaluate each situation or decision under economic, ecological, social and political conditions that determine its functioning harmoniously over time and space.

Our Best Service

Real estate management is a vitally important resource for buyers and sellers, as well as for investors interested in real estate.

Access to an extensive inventory of properties

Agents have access to a vast selection of homes that are available for purchase or rental. You can access a wide range of solutions that suit your needs and tastes by getting in touch with one of them. They can provide you with a broader range of options than you might discover on your own, improving your chances of finding the appropriate home.

Management of procedures and documentation

A number of steps and legal paperwork are needed to buy or rent a property. The agents can handle all of these aspects since they have the competence and experience to do so. You will have peace of mind and save time and effort because they will handle the contracts, the verification of the required paperwork, and the coordination with the lawyers and other specialists involved.

After-sales services :

Agents typically provide after-sales services once you’ve bought or rented a home. This could involve suggestions for additional benefits (such as moving aid, repairs, or renovations), assistance in addressing issues or complaints regarding the property, and follow-up to make sure you’re satisfied with the transaction as a whole.

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From start to finish, Bajafresh provided the type of advice one dreams of when it comes to real estate. At the beginning of the process, they recommended a complete package to present the house and property. It was a wise move. At the end of the process, we were kept informed about the legal status. It was reassuring when you feel insecure. They proved to know how it should be done.
James Morse
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Really great toys for kids! I will buy more in future for sure!
Catherine Borowski
Really great toys for kids! I will buy more in future for sure!
Catherine Borowski
Really great toys for kids! I will buy more in future for sure!
Catherine Borowski
Really great toys for kids! I will buy more in future for sure!
Catherine Borowski

Valued Real Estate Services

There are several aspects that a homeowner pays attention to when he puts the process of selling his home in the hands of a real estate agent.

Our decision to list our home for sale is just as crucial as the choice to purchase it. The best course of action is to consult a specialist in this kind of transaction, such as a real estate agent, when we decide to sell our home because the vast majority of people are not knowledgeable about real estate management—property in real estate (API). Additionally, some blunders might lead to the owner’s financial ruin in a real estate acquisition and sale transaction.

This is one of the elements that will affect the sale price and the amount the owner ultimately receives, making it one of the most important ones.

These days, the Internet serves as a fantastic showroom for any business, allowing it to demonstrate the goods it sells. Additionally, fierce and aggressive competition exists amongst companies operating in the same industry. As a result, the website’s positioning is crucial for selling the property. The property’s visibility will help or impede its ability to be acquired more or less swiftly and for a suitable price.

Dissemination of your properties so that more people can have access to this information through social networks.

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